Episode 40

40. Building confidence as a BIPOC or first-generation career woman with Katherine Najera

Published on: 3rd May, 2023

Do you feel like you lack the confidence to claim the career you know you deserve?

Girl, let's turn those tables!

On today's special episode, Dr. Jasmine is joined by coach Katherine Najera. She was a special guest in The Professional Quitters and got rave reviews, so we knew we had to have her on the podcast so she could share her wisdom with y'all! 

Katherine double majored in Finance/Marketing in college and graduated early. This led her to join the strategy consulting world, where she worked with the largest companies like NBCU, Meredith, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MetLife, WellsFargo, and Credit Suisse, to name a few. She was skip-promoted to Manager at EY and eventually made her way to Slalom Consulting and DoorDash to work on culture intelligence. She has also mentored high school students, college students, and young professionals to reach their goals. Katherine has also led meditation and mindfulness classes. 

Now she is a mother to her daughter Rosalia and her dog Chase, married to her soulmate, has her own consulting firm, coaches BIPOC / first-gen women to build their confidence and self-trust, created a course for First Gen who want to start their own business and is in the process of building an Olive Oil company.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • How motherhood shifts your identity
  • Katherine's work
  • Being in survival mode and the luxury of alignment
  • How Katherine defines confidence and the strategies she uses to get there
  • How to build on your confidence
  • Why it's so hard to bring our confident selves into the workplace 
  • How imposter syndrome and confidence are interconnected 
  • Different ways to boost your career confidence
  • Details for a VERY special discount on coaching with Katherine!


Resources mentioned:


Guest info:

To soak up Kat's insights, follow her as katherinenajera on LinkedIn and @empowerwithkat on Instagram (and don't forget to send her a DM!). If you'd like to work with Kat, you can view her offerings on her website here.


Let's connect!

Instagram: @JasmineEscaleraCoaching & @HerNextCareerMove_

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