Episode 46

46. Negative emotions are running your career to the ground

Published on: 14th June, 2023

Desperation. Urgency. Negative emotions. They all need to be processed and released before taking game-changing action. 

It's normal that these feelings come up, but how can you work to understand them rather than allowing them to take the wheel and run your career off course? It can be a slippery slope of quitting your toxic job and falling straight into another toxic environment. 

In today's episode, Dr. Jasmine shares ways you can use to begin to process these hard feelings from a place of empowerment and not desperation. 


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Why feeling urgency to leave your job can be dangerous
  • Understanding why you're feeling negative emotions
  • Processing negative feelings in an empowering way
  • How she works with clients on this, and some questions you can ask yourself 
  • Making the choices to make the best life possible for YOU


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