Episode 50

50. How women of color can transform corporate environments with guest expert Dr. Nicole A. Bryan

Published on: 12th July, 2023

Is our presence as women of color in corporate environments and owning ourselves creating change in our workplaces? 

In today's episode, Dr. Jasmine is joined by Dr. Nicole as they have a refreshing conversation on disrupting the corporate space, knowing what you're good at, and the top 3 skills you need to develop to enter a corporate leadership position. This is a juicy one, so make you save it to come back to! 

Dr. Nicole A. Bryan is a certified leadership career coach, organizational consultant, and psychotherapist, with 25+ years' experience helping women define their own success, lead with confidence, expertly navigate company politics, and secure their executive seat to maximize their income, influence, and impact. 

Nicole's clients and their results span several industries, including healthcare, technology, communications, financial services, consumer goods, and education. 

Nicole's world-class programs at TheChangeDoc, LLC integrate psychology, key business principles, organizational behavior, and decades of real-world experience as a corporate executive to empower women to make a difference, lead bolder and create positive change for themselves, their teams, and the world! TheChangeDoc, LLC is for ambitious women looking to it leave a legacy through their leadership. Nicole was raised in Brooklyn, NY and always represents her Bajan (Barbados) roots. 


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Dr. Nicole's business and why she got started
  • The experience of being "the only"
  • The power of choice
  • Why knowing what you're good at goes beyond subject matter expertise
  • How we can disrupt the corporate space
  • Professionalism: from the whitewashing to folklore to the reality of it
  • The top 3 skills to develop to head to the C-Suite


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Guest info:

Follow Dr.Nicole's inspiring content on LinkedIn at Dr. Nicole Bryan, Instagram @TheChangeDoc, or visit her websiteat thechangedoc.com


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