Episode 65

65. Stop Accumulating Degrees And Start Thinking YOU'RE ENOUGH

Published on: 17th January, 2024

Girl, do NOT sign up for another certification before you've listened to this episode. You don't need all the boxes to check to have the life you want. Today, Dr. Jasmine dives into breaking free from the janky beliefs that what you have isn't enough to progress in your career. She sheds light on the "expert" archetype of imposter syndrome and provides insight into overcoming it. You'll learn practical tips for seeking support and gaining confidence in your skill set.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Dr. Jasmine's word for 2024
  • Why do we feel the need to accumulate degrees and certifications
  • Diving into the expert imposter syndrome archetype
  • The #1 tip for beating imposter syndrome
  • Boosting your self-confidence 


Resources mentioned:


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